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We are a digital lifestyle brand with an online community of over 270K Peekeers. Established in 2012, Peekeers began as a hobby to appreciate and recognize beauties of the viral world. Mentioned by, as one of Twitters “ best-kept secret” in 2013, Peekeers has greatly expanded its reach worldwide. Check out our hilarious and heartwarming submissions “Dear Peekeers” from our audience or get lifted with our Cannabis features.

From promoting body positive trends such as #thickthighsthursday to advocating the need for mental health awareness. Peekeers has a diverse community of people from so many different backgrounds. We discuss real issues with real people.

Here to liberate our readers from conformity. We are open the door for more discussion regarding mental health, cannabis, sexual education, dating and so much more. With a tablespoon of humor and a teaspoon of rebellion, we do this for the culture. Welcome to the Peek Life.