Dear Peekeers, 

Hey, I’ve followed you guys for a while now. I’ve seen many stories and now I here to share mines. I need help bad. I’m 21 years old and the woman I’m in love with is 20. She is currently pregnant by another man. She had sex with him a month before we started talking again. We have been deeply in love since age 14. I don’t know what to do. The other guy won’t be there for her.

My mom was a single mom so I know how hard it will be on her and the child. I still love her dearly and I wanna be with her but I don’t know what to do? The baby doesn’t have a good chance of making it but if she does have it and she does raise it where do I go from there. If I choose her despite all odds we are basically gonna get married and I’ll have a kid too. I am really conflicted and need help. She is currently 5-6 months pregnant. 

Sincerely Anonymous, 

Dear Anonymous, 

The good news is that you finally have the love of your life back in your life. You’ve known and loved this person since you were a teenager. Sometimes, its really hard to walk away from those we love but the real question is do you really want to walk away? Are you ready to give her up forever? Or are you ready to step up to the plate and be a father to a child that does not belong to you because you are madly in love with his mother?

She’s a two for one special right now being that she is pregnant and comes with a family. No, you are not obligated to stay but please keep in mind that if you do decide to become a family with her there should be no regrets or resentment. You should raise and love that child as if it was your own because the baby is innocent in this equation. You should accept her and all of her with no regrets either. If you are prepared to be a dad to a child that is not yours and be an amazing father, and husband please flourish. If not do her and the child a favor STAY AWAY! 







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