He’s caressing your body, and his hands are exploring your womanly. With each trace of his finger, a slight gasp escapes your lips. As he nibbles on your ear, and you begin to feel your treasure spot moisten he whispers “Talk Dirty to me baby and tell daddy how you want it.” Instantly you freeze up and feel lost in translation. Now you’re shit faced at this point because you’re clueless about what to say or how to say it. When it comes to talking dirty sometimes we can say all the wrong things at such a right moment. Don’t worry we’ve all been here before and it’s a total wtf moment at times. Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts of dirty talking.

1. Do Tell Him or Her just how sexy they are.

This is the perfect time to hold nothing back and tell your partner just how attractive they are to you. This is also a confidence booster. Feeling sexy and confident even in a relationship is sometimes difficult.

2. Do use and discover trigger words.

Use words thy you know will peak his or her arousal. Such as daddy, Papi, or for those of us that love to be naughty SLUT. Discover new words that will make them weak in the knees.

3. Do tell your partner what you’re going to do to them.

Be as descriptive as possible if you can and give your partner the dirty details of how good you’re going to f*ck their brains out.

4. Don’t feel pressured.

Never feel pressured into doing anything you aren’t yet comfortable doing. It’ll just end up feeling awkward AF.


5. Don’t be disrespectful

Nothing kills the mood like someone being overly pushy or just outright mean. Just because she calls you daddy doesn’t mean you birthed her. Be respectful and limit your use of derogatory terms.

6. Don’t get technical.

This isn’t rocket science there’s no need to make this harder than what it really is. There’s really no need to be formal you’re having sex for crying out loud.

7. Do use dirty language.

I mean, you are talking dirty so why should you talk like a nun? This isn’t a classroom so no one wants to hear you using the politically correct terms penis or vagina to describe their privates. Talking dirty is just that DIRTY! So be as dirty as you want to and try not to be too vulgar.

8. Do be dominate.

Talking dirty requires you to dominate. This is your stage take full control of it and make your partner yearn for your touch.


Now that you’re well equipped with the basics of talking dirty! Try it for yourself and let daddy spank your little slutty a**. Oops too dirty? Sorry, not sorry…



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