dating a nice guy

He Just Might Be The Right Guy

Since the beginning of time women have been notorious for swooning over the tall, dark, and handsome guy. He’s normally the alpha male that demands authority and his presence screams power. He has a mysterious aura about himself that is undeniable and the very sight of him makes you moist. The nice guy, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He’s charming but he isn’t quite a charmer. He is a bit shy but he blooms like a flower in spring once you get to know him. He’s not only a nice guy, but he’s also just a good guy in general. Dating the nice guy shouldn’t feel like you’re settling in life because, in reality, you’re in for a surprise. You’ll just have to learn how to get used to dating the nice guy.

The truth is that most of us are really more so attracted to the confidence that these men with the “bad boy persona” possess and are in love with the idea of him. I remember the days when I used to rejoice that I snatched me up one of those guys. I reveled in the idea that I could be the one that makes him change. I could be the one that steals his heart. I could be the envy of every woman that crossed his path. After multiple failed attempts. I would constantly tell myself this time it will be different. However, I came to the realization that the whole bad boy persona gets old and tired. And listen hunty I was muthafucking tired!!!! I was tired of being played with and disregarded. I was tired of investing my time, effort, and emotions only to be ghosted in a matter of weeks. I was just tired of being tired. It had taken me almost ten years of my adult life to finally tell myself enough is enough, you are worthy of happiness.

dating the nice guy

The older you get the more you start to realize that fuckboys with the cute smile is not the guy who will give you that Will and Jada type of love story. He won’t feed your soul and desires. He also won’t give you that fairytale romance you crave. There are so many reasons why you should be dating a nice guy. However, are you ready to dispel the stigma and date with an open heart? If so, you are in for a real treat because this is the truth about dating the nice guy.

Dating the Nice Guy: 5 Reasons You Should 1

He’s Not Just Nice To You He’s Nice To Everyone

It’s kind of weird that as women so many of us grow up and have this stigma in our minds that men who are nice just want to hunch. (Some of them do) We convince ourselves that there is a secret motive for his actions. He can’t possibly be this nice to me. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news darling but he’s not just nice to you, he’s nice to everyone. Nice guys are just that sweetie they are nice. It took some time for me to get used to my boyfriend being so sweet to me every single day. I used to look at him and be like who sent you bruh? It wasn’t because there was a motive behind his actions he truly is just so pure. He treats everyone with kindness and respects no matter who you are.

Dating The Nice Guy Makes You a Better Communicator

Are you tired of arguing with your boo? Are you tired of the back and forth bullshit that never seems to let up? Does your man have you losing your shit just for breathing? Girl, get you a peace of mind and find a man that knows how to communicate his thoughts properly. Dating the nice guy teaches you how to become a better communicator. He knows how to convey his feelings without killing your vibe.

He Texts Back

Sis, how many times have you invested your emotions into a guy that ghosts you after just a couple of weeks? There is nothing worse than texting someone who just disappears out of thin air. It’s hurtful and it definitely can be a confidence destroyer. Seester, get you a man that’s going to text you back.

Dating the nice guy

He’s Supportive and Doesn’t Play Games

Dating the nice guy is a sigh of relief because you can finally rest assured that your man will support your every move. My ex-boyfriend constantly made me feel like I was in a secret competition with him. Every single major accomplishment in my life he would diminish. My current boyfriend is one of the most supportive men I have ever dated in my life. The best part about it is that I don’t have to ask him for support. He just gives it because that’s just who he is a solid ass ninja!

You Can be You

The absolute best reason you should be dating the nice guy is that you can be yourself. He’s nonjudgemental, and he doesn’t mind when you’re looking homeless either. You can let your hair down and be your dorky, goofy self without the side-eye.

dating the nice guy




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